Room Temperature? It Butter Be Quick!

Almost always, butter and eggs are the key ingredients in baked goods. Oftentimes, those ingredients are called for at room temperature and that takes one or two hours to set, depending on the temperature of the room. And if you’re like me, you like to bake at the spur of the moment and “ain’t nobody got time for that…” to be at room temperature! But you can easily bring those ingredients to room temperature in minutes.

Butter & Eggs

For the butter, I like to chop them into cubes then let them sit for about 20-30 minutes at room temperature (enough time for you to prepare the next steps/ingredients for baking). This allows the butter to set more easily at room temperature, because air is more evenly distributed among the individual pieces. Of course, you can pop the butter into the microwave for a few quick seconds, but having it set at room temperature is best. Why? Because butter tends to melt in the microwave and there’s always a few spots in the butter that isn’t at the correct temperature since the heat wasn’t evenly distributed. 

Butter & Eggs

As for the eggs, put them in a bowl and soak them in hot tap water. It takes about 3-4 minutes, since the shells aren’t that thick they set quickly.

Baking with room temperature ingredients yields noticeable differences in the texture.